APPLICATIONS are hereby called from the qualified citizens of Sri Lanka for the Open Competitive Examination for recrutiment to the
posts in Class III of Sri Lanka Administrative Service.
1. In this notice "Secretary" means the "Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs", "Service" means
the "Sri Lanka Administrative Service".
2. Written Examination.– The Examination will consist of the following question papers.
(i) General Intelligence
(ii) Essay and Precis
(iii) General Knowledge
(iv) Aptitude for Management
Date of Examination.– This examination will be held in the towns of Colombo in June, 2012. The Secretary reserves the right
to postpone or cancel this examination subject to instructions given by the Public Service Commission.
Oral Test.– The Secretary will decide the date for interview for the candidates who sat for all the papers in the written
examination and obtained a higher aggregate of marks as determined by the Public Service Commission.
3. Number of persons to be appointed and effective date of appointment will be determined as per the orders of the Public
Service Commission.
4. Conditions of Service.– A selected candidate will be appointed to Class III of the service on the general conditions governing
appointments in the Pubilc Service and on the terms and conditions set out in the Minute of the Service dated 28th October, 2005,
(published in the Gazette Extraordinary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka No. 1419/3 of 14th November, 2005) and
subject to any amendments made or to be made hereafter to the Minute.
4.1 Appointments of candidates who fail to report for duty on the due date and/or refuse or evade to take up duties in a
post or in an area they are appointed to, are liable to be cancelled.
5. Structure and salary scale per month :
Special Grade - Rs. 42,390 - 12 x 1,310 - Rs. 58,110.
Class I - Rs. 36,755 - 17 x 1,050 - Rs. 53,555.
Class II - Rs. 30,175 - 8 x 790 - Rs. 35,705.
Class III - Rs. 22,935 - 10 x 645 - Rs. 29,385.
(Whilst the 1st Efficiency Bar Examination should be passed within 03 years from the date of appointment and 2nd Efficiency
Bar Examination within 06 years from the date of appointment, proficiency of the second official language should be achieved within 05
years from the date of appointment in terms of the provisions of Public Administration Circular 07/2007 dated 28.05.2007.)
The appointments through this examination will be made to the Class III of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service.
6. Health and Character.– A candidate must satisfy the Secretary that he is duly qualified in respect of health and that he has
an excellent moral character. He must possess good eye sight and be physically fit for service in any part of the island. Selected candidates
will be called upon to undergo a medical examination.
7. Eligibility.– A candidate appearing for this must :–
(i) Be a citizen of Sri Lanka ;
(ii) Have obtained a degree from a university recognized by the University Grants Commission ;
(a) The effective date of the certificate of degree should be 31.12.2011 or a date prior to that.
(iii) Not have reached 28 years of age as at 31.12.2011 ;
(iv) Have a sound moral character and be physically fit ;
(v) No person ordained in any religious sect shall be permitted to sit this examination.

Note :–
(i) No person is allowed to sit the competitive examination for recruitment to Sri Lanka Administrative Service for more
than two sittings.
(ii) Requisite qualifications for this examination should have been completed in every aspect by 31.12.2011.
8. Examination fee.– The fee is Rs. 1,000. It should be paid before the closing date of applications at any District Secretariat/
Divisional Secretariat to be credited to Revenue Head 2003-02-13. The receipt obtained from the District Secretariat/Divisional Secretariat
should be pasted in the relevant cage of the application form. This fee is nonrefundable. It is advisable to keep a photocopy of the receipt
with the candidate.
9. Method of Application :
(a) The application should be in the form of the specimen appended to this notification and should be prepared by the
candidate himself on paper of size 8 1/2" x 12" (A4) using both sides. It should be specially noted that the application
forms should be so prepared that cages 1.0 to 2.12 appear on the first side, of the paper and cages 3.0 to 7.0 appear in
the other side of the paper. Applications that do not comply with the specimen and that are not completed in every
aspect, shall be rejected without notice. (It is advisable to keep a photocopy of the application with candidate.) It is the
responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the application form perfected by him/herself complies with the
specimen given in the examination notice as otherwise the application may be rejected.
(b) The application should be in the language medium in which the candidate intends to sit the examination.
(c) The completed application form for the examination should be sent by registered post to reach the Commissioner-
General of Examinations. (Organization and Foreign Examination Branch) Pelawatta, Battaramulla on or before 23.04.2012.
The words “Open Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Sri Lanka Administrative Service – 2011(2012)”
should be clearly indicated on the top left-hand corner of the envelope enclosing the application. Any application
received after the closing date will not be accepted. It is essential to mention the name of examination in English Language
as well, in applications prepared in both Sinhala and Tamil media.
(d) Candidate’s signature in the application form should have been attested by a Principal of a Government School, a justice
of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces, an
Officer holding a gazetted post in the Police Service or an Officer holding a permanent post in Public Service whose
annual initial salary is more than Rs. 240,360.
(e) Any application, which is not complete in every aspect, is liable to be rejected. No complaint that an application has
been lost or delayed in post will be considered.
(f) Receipt of applications will not be acknowledged. A notice will be published in the newspapers by the Department of
Examinations as soon as admission cards are issued to applicants. If the admission card is not received even after 2 or 3
days of such an advertisement, steps should be taken to notify the Department of Examinations in the manner specified
in the advertisement. It would be advisable to keep the following in hand at the time of calling the Department of
Examinations : i. e. a certified photocopy of the application form and the receipt kept at your possession, receipt of
registration and in case of applicants outside Colombo, letter of request furnishing a fax number to which the admission
cards should be sent.
10. Admission to the Examination :
(a) The Commissioner-General of Examinations will issue admission cards to all persons whose applications have been
received. A candidate presenting himself for the examination must produce his admission card on which his signature has
been attested to the supervisor of the examination center. A candidate who fails to produce his admission card will not be
permitted to sit the examination.
(b) A candidate must sit the examination at the examination hall assigned to him. Every candidate must get his signature
attested in advance and hand over the admission card to the supervisor on the first day he presents himself for the
examination. A set of rules to be observed by all candidates is published at the begining of gazette. Candidates are
subjected to rules and regulations imposed by the Commissioner General of Examinations on conducting the examination
and they are liable to be subjected to a punishment imposed by him/her for breach of these rules.
Note.– The issue of an admission card to a candidate does not mean that he or she has fulfilled the requisite qualifications
to sit the examination.

11. Identity of Candidates.– A candidate will be required to prove his identity at the examination hall to the satisfaction of the
supervisor for each subject he offers. For this purpose, any of the following documents will be accepted :-
(a) National Identity card issued by the Department of Registration of Persons ;
(b) A valid passport.
12. Penalty for furnishing false information.– If a candidate is found to be ineligible, his candidature is liable to be cancelled at
any stage prior to, during or after the examination. If it is found that a candidate has furnished information with knowledge that they are
false, or if he has willfully suppressed any material fact, he will be liable for dismissal from the Public Service.
13. Any matter not provided for in these regulations will be dealt with as determined by the Secretary subject to the instructions
given by the Public Service Commission.
14. Scheme of Examination – Medium of Examination :
(a) The examination will be held in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The language medium of examination indicated initially shall
not be allowed to change subsequently ;
(b) A candidate should sit the examination in the language in which he passed the qualifying degree examination or in an
offiicial language ;
(c) A candidate who has passed subjects at the qualifying degree examination in more than one language, should sit the
examination in the language in which he passed the majority of subjects at such examination or in an official language ;
(d) Candidate with a special degree who has passed the principal subject in one language and the subsidiary subject in
another language should sit the examination in the language in which he passed the principal subject or in an official
Note :
(i) The term “qualifying degree” in (b) and (c) above refers to the degree qualifications referred to in Paragraph 7 (ii).
(ii) A candidate must sit all the papers of the examination in one and the same language.
(iii) A candidate will not be permitted to change the language medium of the examination, indicated in the application.
15. Method of Selection.– A written examination in the following subjects :
(i) General Intelligence - Duration : 1 hour - 100 marks
(ii) Essay and Pre´cis - Duration : 2 hours - 100 marks
(iii) General Knowledge - Duration : 2 hours - 100 marks
(iv) Aptitude for Management - Duration : 2 hours - 100 marks
Candidates should sit all the question papers.
Oral Test (25 marks).
Candidates who have sat all the question papers of the written exam and qualified themselves shall be called for the oral test.
Only the candidates who have scored 40% of marks or above for each of the papers and scored and aggregate of marks above the level
determined as sufficient by the Public Service Commission according to the number of vacancies existing, shall be called for the interview.
If there are a sufficient number of candidates who possess above qualifications, a number equivalent to twice the number of vacancies shall
be called for the oral test. (The scheme of allocating marks shall be approved by the Appointing Authority/Public Service Commission at
the early stage of recruitment).
16. The selection for appointment will be made in order of merit from among those who have sat the written examination,
presented themselves for the interview and scored the highest aggregate of marks. (Facing the interview should not necessarily mean that
he or she has fulfilled requisite qualifications to receive an appointment.)

17. Syllabus :
(i) General Intelligence (Duration 1 hour - 100 marks) :
To assess the candidate’s capacity for comprehension, qualification and perception of time space relations by measuring
the candidate’s inferences and responses to problems presented in verbal, numerical and spatial contexts. (The question
paper will consist of multiple choice questions and questions for short answers. All questions should be answered).
(ii) Essay and Pre´cis (Duration 2 hours - 100 marks) :
To test the candidate’s capacity for conceptualization, critical reasoning and his judgmental abilities in the development,
organization and presentation of ideas and information on a topic/theme chosen by the candidate from a given set of
topics/themes, and the ability to comprehend a fairly complex passage, a piece of writing or a memorandum and express
the salient ideas thereof concisely, clearly and accurately in the candidate’s own words. (All questions should be
(iii) General Knowledge (Duration 2 hours - 100 marks) :
To test the candidate’s awareness and understanding of the social, cultural, educational, scientific, political, economic
and any other relevant factors operating at the National, Regional and Global environment or organizations, as well as
of our society. (The question paper will consist of multiple choice questions and questions for short answers. All
questions should be answered.)
(iv) Aptitude for Management (Duration 2 hours - 100 marks) :
This paper is designed to assess the candidate’s aptitude for sound management, as reflected in the candidate’s
responses to problems and situations requiring diagnosis and decision making, dealing with interpersonal relations,
communicating and developing policy and strategy and managing self. (The question paper will consist of multiple
choice questions and questions for short answers. All questions should be answered.)
On the order of Public Service Commission,
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs.
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs,
Independence Square,
Colombo 07,
09th of March, 2012.